Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Our Building's History

Building at it's original height.

Our building with the new roof

Eagle Trailer Co. inhabits two buildings on it's property. The main building was constructed in 1970 for use as a baking supply company. The tower was used to store grain bins that were filled when, the now removed, train line would pass by.

This past Fall a strong wind during a storm lifted the roof of the tower off and set it back down resulting in a large crack that ran the perimeter of the roofline. As a result, our building profile is changing. The bins have been removed, the pit they sat in filled in, and the floor leveled. Our paint booth, which is the largest in the region, will be moved there to make more room on the floor for trailer assembly.

Crane brought in to remove roof's steel decking.

Large steel bins lifted out.

Lowering the roof line. Don't worry, our red strip will return!
Pump truck brought in to fill forms for concrete columns.

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